Daniel-san…Paint the Tank! (Part 1)

When I started this entire endeavor of setting up a new tank, I never thought I’d have to paint something. I’ve always purchased plastic backdrops you tape on, but they have problems, bubble up, get wrinkles, and to be honest – are flat out tacky. If you have one, just know that somewhere a long the way you got complacent…you can do better. 😉 I’ve been there.

Now, to learn what I was in for on this step, I found a great video on how to paint your tank, from BRS…

Ok, so I needed black enamel, rollers, sponge brushes, painters tape…oh boy. I had already moved the heavy tank upstairs into our lightly-colored carpeted game room, and now I needed to paint multiple coats of black enamel on the back – this should be interesting because I was definitely not about to haul it back downstairs!

My children wanted to help, so I laid down a tarp, dressed them up in the finest trash-bag t-shirts, and off we went. You can advance through the image carousel below to step through Part 1 of the fun…

Process: Clean it > Tape it > Brush-paint edges > Roll-on first coat > Wait 1 hour > Roll-on second coat > Let sit overnight.

Come back for my next post in Part 2 of tank-painting fun, and we’ll finish things up.

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