Gotta Start Somewhere

Well, after much debate I have decided to get a new fish tank. I am still not 100% sure if I want to go freshwater or saltwater, but I know I want to get something bigger than I’ve ever had before, yet not an unmanageable size to the point where I won’t be able to afford it. Remember, the larger the tank, typically the more expensive to setup and maintain.

I knew my LFS (Local Fish Store) would have tanks, but at a premium, and I wasn’t looking for those seamless top/bottom tank fancy setups. So, I did some searching online, then went to my local Petsmart to see what they had. I ran across an Aqueon 36 gallon tank kit with the wood cabinet for $175, but it didn’t come with anything else and I thought this was a bit pricey. So, I looked on Facebook Marketplace and found many people who were selling their equipment, and it usually included multiple pieces. These were people who either upgraded, moved and couldn’t take it with them, or were exiting the hobby. Whatever the reason, it would be my benefit since people were typically letting their stuff go at half or less of what they spent originally on their setups brand new. After some patience and back and forth with a few sellers, I found the setup that I liked – a 55 gallon aquarium with a black wood cabinet and wood top. It also came with dual LED hoods, filter, a fake log, a fish net and a huge bucket of gravel for $180. I showed my wife, and she agreed to help me go pick it up.

I was content with $180 for this setup: Tank, wood cabinet and top, filter, LED hoods, fake log and plants, fish net and a few other accessories.

Well, once we got it home, we found it took both my wife and I to get it inside. A night later, I took it back out on the porch, washed it down with soap and water to get it all clean, then enlisted my wife’s help again to get it up stairs to the second floor of our house…that was ‘fun’.

Got the tank situated in the game room, filled up with tap water from the shower (this took multiple trips), and got the filter running

I threw out the plastic background as I think they are tacky, and just got the tank filled and setup in its future home. Now…what do I want to do with it? What direction should I go? Stay tuned – more to come!

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