Choose a Tank that Fits Your Lifestyle


Yes, Yes… I am going to outline my current tank and give you all the details. I just felt compelled to mention this because it was on my mind and it just could not wait.

I watch a lot of YouTube video’s about the hobby and it’s a great place to educate yourself. What I am discovering first hand is that watching a YouTube video is nothing like doing it yourself and having skin in the game. To say I had a bad experience in the hobby the first time around would be an understatement and I wanted to start off slow this time and help myself be successful. Ryan from BRS has said a few times to make sure you choose a tank that fits your lifestyle and put the tank in an area that you are in a lot. I followed that advice. Because of that, I am really enjoying the hobby and my tank. Also, don’t let anyone tell you what is cool or not cool when it comes to your tank. If you are enjoying the hobby, your tank and what you have in it that’s all that matters.

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